Forming part of the DNA of the company Guilbert Express for more than 115 years, soldering is an area of expertise served by numerous heating tools in the Express brand catalogue. With cartridge torches and blowtorches, as well as many brazing burners and turbo burner models, plumbers and heating engineers will find all they need to carry out their jobs in this category. There are also many soldering accessories with various products for thermal protection, in sheets or rolls, as well as flux for zinc and stainless steel, soldering pastes, a high-performance gas leak detector and gaskets and couplings for gas cylinders. There are also numerous multifunction blowtorch products, oxyacetylene kits and several gas bottle-carrier trolleys that come in very handy when working on outdoor plumbing sites. As you can see, you will find all you need and more to solder metal, as well as accessories and original spare parts, which you can buy at your usual Express retailers, and, under certain conditions, online via our website.