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gaine thermo retractable

Using shrink guns to bundle and protect cables

Il arrive fréquemment sur un chantier de devoir regrouper des câbles et les protéger. La gaine thermo rétractable offre une solution simple à mettre en place et nécessitant l’utilisation d’un seul outil : le pistolet de rétraction. Voici comment choisir votre gaine et comment la mettre en place. Dans quels cas regroupe-t-on des câbles ? La gaineRead more

Décoller les dalles PVC avec le pistolet autonome air chaud Réf. 4600

Removing PVC tiles in renovation projects

A heat gun is the ideal tool if you need to remove PVC floor tiles or wall coverings when renovating a building, In this short tutorial we will explain how to proceed. Preparing the work site and the tools to be used In addition to your heat gun (and the appropriate nozzles), you must useRead more

Agent EDF en haut d'un pylone avec le pistolet air chaud Réf. 4500

When ENEDIS intervenes on electricity poles at a height of 25 meters, the Express autonomous heating tools make perfect sense.

ENEDIS agents regularly work on the electricity poles, at a height of more than 25 meters, to carry out two main activities: connections to the power grid and regular checking of the condition of the distribution network equipment. Welding work is frequent and only a cordless torch can carry out this task. The mission ofRead more

Fer de couvreur Réf. 63778

Roofers – Here’s how to choose the right soldering iron

For all your welding work, your roofer’s soldering iron must meet the unnegotiable criteria of quality and practicality. Here is a list of qualities it must have in order to allow you to work in the best conditions. Propane gas The roofer’s soldering iron is connected to a gas cylinder. For jobs where you needRead more