The company Guilbert Express has a whole range of flame torches for bitumen roofing, delivering power between 35 and 160 kW, with the Express brand. This range is designed for bitumen roofing professionals and roofers who occasionally work with raised edges on roofs. Various stainless steel and titanium burners are compatible with a selection of neck tubes measuring 135 to 600 mm, available separately. There are many adaptable torch handles in this product family, as well as a range of ready-to-use roofer’s packs, including hoses and 4-bar regulators, for use with propane gas. The Raptor roofing torch is also available with its three short burner & neck tube sets delivering 30 to 90 kW of power and its long burner & neck tube set delivering 160 kW, which connects to the Raptor handle with a click, for flat roofing jobs. For leak sample testing, the Vulcane Express and its hot air burner delivering power of 2.7 kW can be used to work on flat roofs in total safety without using a flame. Lastly, the Titan R gun-torch range offers highly efficient self-maintenance, allowing you to change your piezo and nozzle in a matter of seconds, with no tools required.