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Leak detector Cat. No. 70210

Reference : 70210
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Rapidly detects and locates gas leaks, as well as pressure drops, in piping and pressurised systems, by forming a large amount of bubbles at the location of any leaks. Stable foam formula.

Can be used for all types of gas: Natural gas / Propane/Butane / Acetylene / Oxygen / LPG / Nitrogen / Carbon dioxide / Compressed air / Refrigerant gas.

Does not form deposits, non-corrosive, stable and safe. 360° valve making it possible to use pointing downwards.

Nitrogen propellant: nonflammable.

Active substance content of more than 98%.


Applications: : Engines running on LPG, refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment, exhausts, piping, valves, threaded connections, weld beads, compressors, liquid gas transport, gas pressure testing in pressurised cables.

Appearance: Opaque

Liquid Density: 1 Ph 7.5 +-1

Weigt (g): 520

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