Green spaces weeding

What are the other weeding methods?

There are different weed control methods, which are more or less expensive, effective and environmentally friendly. Here are the main ones. Chemical weeding Chemical weeding is being used less and less and is disappearing. Its use is already very restricted by law and many products have been withdrawn from sale. Chemical weeding is expensive andRead more


How to weed naturally without weedkiller?

Chemical weed killers are mostly prohibited and are, in any case, harmful to the environment. Their propagation by capillary action kills the underground fauna and pollutes the water table, in addition to wiping out all the flora. Fortunately, there are several very effective chemical-free alternatives that help you weed without harming nature. Manual weeding ManualRead more

Quelle est la meilleure période pour désherber avec les outils flamme Express Farming

When is the best time of year to weed?

Weeding green spaces is most effective at certain times of the year, but is also carried out depending on the weather and time of day. In all cases, it is recommended to use environmentally friendly methods. If only a few shoots are present, simply use a garden tool to dig out the root together withRead more

Tips for choosing the right thermal weeder

A professional thermal weeder is the best alternative to chemical weeding that pollutes nature. Simple and economical, it can be used to treat all spaces, both private and professional. Here are the criteria to be taken into account when choosing a professional thermal weeder. The electric thermal weeder There are two types of thermal weeder:Read more

desherbeur thermique a gaz

How to weed with a thermal weeder?

Hunting weeds has never been fun before, but everything has changed since the invention of thermal weed killers, now available for individuals or professionals at an affordable price. What is the concept of thermal weeding The thermal weeder uses heat directly applied to the plants to be removed. It is not about burning the plant,Read more

Is thermal weeding really more economical?

Thermal weed control is booming, for individuals and professionals alike. The first reason for using it is ecological, but it also saves time and money. How to burn weeds with a thermal weeder The thermal weeder produces high heat to which the plant must be exposed for only a few seconds. This creates a thermalRead more

Le désherbage thermique un acte écologique

Thermal weeding is much more environmentally friendly than chemical weeding – Express solutions

While chemicals are gradually being banned from our green spaces, the gas-fired thermal weeder is the ideal solution: ecological, efficient, almost instantaneous and economical. Thermal weeding vs. chemical weeding The Finances Thermal weeder Cat. No. 6503 A thermal gas weeder is simply a blowtorch that allows the release of very high heat that burns creatingRead more

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Express spare parts: why accept less than the original?

Express has been providing tools to facilitate cattle, goat and pig farmer’s lives for several decades. The Express team are always listening to customer feedback so you are guaranteed a reactive and efficient after-sales service. A budget dedicated to research and development Express is a brand that is constantly designing and innovating. The aim ofRead more

Le désherbage thermique une technique plébiscitée par les collectivités locales

Some French municipalities are moving to thermal weed control

All municipalities must carry out weeding work. The massive use of chemical weed killers was the norm for a long time, but this is no longer the case today. Amongst the ecological alternatives that exist, thermal weeding is gradually being adopted by the municipalities. It respects nature (and the law) and is easy and convenientRead more

Desherbeur thermique 6504

Express thermal weedkillers

Express offers various thermal weed killers to suit your needs. Here we present two models, the thermal weeder Ref. 6503 and the portable thermal weeder Ref. 6504, for professional or private use. Understand the concept of the thermal weeder to use it properly Once your thermal weeder is on, you gently sweep the plants thatRead more