Professional roofers can choose from among the many Express brand roofing products available to create their own roofing set according to their needs and the requirements of the job. They can choose their own burners delivering power of 35, 50, 100 and 160 kW, with Titan’Express and Stainless Steel Express versions available depending on the product. These roofing burners are then fitted on a special roofing neck tube available with three different lengths: 135, 400 and 600 mm. A support fitting is provided with all roofer neck tubes. In this category, you will also find four Titanium piezo torch products, which feature a built-in automatic piezo ignition. They deliver exactly the same power as the non-piezo versions. For jobs that require a burner & neck tube set longer than the 600 mm version, it is possible with certain roofing torch models to fit a 42 cm extension to increase the reach of your heating tool. Two burner models are also available as they are sometimes used for bitumen roofing. Lastly, the range of TITAN R roofing torches are compatible with the Raptor gun handle with its self-maintenance system and piezo ignition. And because they can be used for raised edges on roofs, the 30, 70, 90 and 150 kW Raptor burners are also included in this category, as well as the Vulcane hot air burner dedicated to leak sample testing.