Not only are they perfect for cooking the famous French gigot bitume (a leg of lamb wrapped in kraft paper and cooked in hot bitumen), our bitumen boilers will turn solid bitumen, a mixture of heavy hydrocarbon and asphalt, into a viscous, sticky liquid. For professional bitumen roofers, we have several models of boiler burners, delivering power of 16.5 kW/h to 160 kW/h at 1.5 bar. The Express brand also offers a selection of pilot flames designed for each burner and two models of tripods for bitumen boilers. In this section, you will also find many spare parts and accessories that will be of interest to both bitumen roofing professionals and public works contractors specialised in the construction of roads and motorways. For example, there is our burner air intake and our thermocouple pilot flame, a safety pack designed for all of our bitumen boiler burner products, as well as its mounting kit, and, last but not least, the essential pilot spring for burners. The company Guilbert Express is available via its sales and customer service teams to answer any questions you may have about this state-of-the-art equipment.