Guilbert Express has always made the development of its employees one of the major axes of its recruitment policy.

It is not a coincidence that even before the major social legislation of 1936, employees of Guilbert Express were entitled to two weeks paid holiday before anyone else was!

Starting with the assumption that employees who are happy and who are involved in the growth of their organisation are more effective employees in the long term, we have sought to promote self-sufficiency and give responsibility to every man and woman making up the organisation, whilst offering a long-term career plan to everyone, irrespective of the level of the position to be filled.

In order to cope with our ongoing growth and to fulfil our high ambitions both in France and internationally, we are continually seeking talented individuals likely to play their part in Industry and Commerce, our reference area of activity.

Do you want a life in which your career is a real adventure?

Do you simply want to complete your work placement or work project in an ambitious French SME, in the commercial or technical fields, or perhaps in administration or logistics?

Then write to us or contact us.

Assuming that you have sufficient desire and character, then Charly Cominotto (our Head of Human Resources) and I
would like to make your placement project within Guilbert Express a success for everyone involved.

Philippe Guilbert
Managing Director

Guilbert Express
Head of Human Resources – Mrs Hamy Ralison
ZAE de Lamirault – 10 rue Henry Delbast