As early as the 1920s, the company Guilbert Express sold a range of electric soldering irons, which, at the time, were available at all good hardware shops. Today, the electric soldering irons in this product family include the TEMPO brand soldering irons, delivering power of 25 to 55 W, which can be recognised by their bright colours and are perfectly designed for quick jobs on electrical and electronic equipment. These electric soldering irons are NF certified and feature a built-in hanging ring, meaning they are easy to use and offer unmatched value for money. Designed for work with tinplate and brass and tin soldering, the range of High Thermal Efficiency electric soldering irons includes a set of tools delivering power of 75 to 250 W, as well as spare brass tips and heating cartridges that ensure constant operating temperature. You will also find sets of budget electric soldering irons under the GALAXY brand, along with an efficient desoldering pump and a 100 W instant electric soldering.