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Leak on a refrigerant pipe

The installation of an air conditioner is not infallible and can become fragile over time, so it can happen that a refrigerant tube leaks. There are various methods to check your equipment. The foam bomb, for example, is a very practical and effective leak detector. Here’s how to proceed if your system fails. Detect theRead more

bouteille 'acetylene Réf. 524

Why should you not lay down an acetylene cylinder

Gas cylinders require special handling and storage. Acetylene in particular is a rather unstable gas, which is why some extra precautions should be taken. If you are working with an acetylene flashlight, here are some important safety rules. Rules for transporting gas cylinders The gas cylinder transport vehicle does not require specific standardized safety equipment.Read more

How to tin a soldering iron tip

Pour réussir vos soudures à la perfection, vous devez disposer d’une panne en bon état. Étant donné qu’elle s’encrasse au fil des utilisations, nous vous expliquons ici comment étamer une panne de fer à souder.  Pourquoi étamer votre panne de fer à souder L’étamage de la panne permet d’améliorer le transfert de chaleur, depuis leRead more

470 Vulcane XPRESS

Vulcane Express torch, a technical revolution made possible by the use of a European propylene gas: Xpress Gas

Vulcane Express is a revolutionary and versatile torch that will accompany you in all your work. Delivered with all its accessories, the simplicity of its use and changing its parts – lances, gas cartridge and piezo – will pleasantly surprise you. This performance is only possible thanks to the new XPRESS GAS cartridge, the resultRead more

Vulcane Express blowtorch

The multi-purpose Vulcane Express blowtorch The Vulcane Express plumbing blowtorch is designed for professional plumbers as well as heating and cooling specialists. A practical tool that brazes efficiently and comes with a practical carry case for easy transport – including all its accessories. Manufactured with quality materials, this torch is a reliable mate, enabling youRead more