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Le chalumeau Vulcane Express et sa cartouche de gaz propylène XPRESS GAS

Vulcane Express blow torch

Exclusive : a preview of Guilbert Express’ unveiling of the launch of their entirely new blowtorch! Plumbers and heating and refrigeration engineers can finally re-discover the pleasures of soldering.
With its simplified controls, the Vulcane Express is simple to use, with three setting positions and a trigger with two modes: continuous and intermittent.
Vulcane Express has three burners:
- An “A/C special” burner for 14 mm diameter pipes for refrigeration engineers, - An “AC/plumbing/heating special” burner for 22 mm diameter pipes for plumbers, - A burner for 28 mm diameter pipes for heating engineers.

Vulcane Express Product benefits:

Its lightness and careful ergonomic design ensure the lowest possible strain index.
Instant inversion for working in any position.
A dual-material handle for maximum comfort.
Patented self-maintenance.
Turbo flame quality – fully surrounding -.
Its removable foot, used for fixed station work.
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The Express decanter connection

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Vulcane Express blowtorch

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