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Should I clean my roof?

The roof is an essential part of your home. It protects you from the elements and keeps your home safe from damp and temperature fluctuations. So it’s important to take the utmost care of it to prolong its life, especially as roof renovation or replacement is expensive. Cleaning your roof therefore has an economic purpose,Read more

Metier de couvreur

The roofing trade

The roofer’s job involves manual work, outdoors, which is sometimes rough, but it is varied, remunerative, and the demand is high. Indeed, this is a profession that cannot disappear and that will never be relocated! What is the job of a roofer The roofer works on the roofs of all types of buildings, whether they areRead more

Fer de couvreur flamme ouverte Réf. 330-3

The open-flame soldering iron, Cat. 330-3, a professional tool for under €80

Guilbert Express offers a sophisticated and very versatile soldering iron for a more than reasonable price of €80. Whether you are an individual or a professional, it comes in handy for small jobs. It allows you to perform quick welds and solders on various materials. Here are the main features of the Guilbert Express 330-3Read more

Quand votre fer de couvreur manque de puissance…

My soldering iron seems to lack power

If your soldering iron seems to be lacking in power, Guilbert Express offers you a tutorial to check the main elements that can influence this malfunction. Whether it’s a professional soldering iron or something you use at home, it’s often possible to repair it yourself or add the accessory that is missing to keep itRead more

Tests Express avec les nouvelles targettes sans plomb

Express strippers, each with its own use on the roof or in the workshop

For each welding job, it is essential to prepare your parts to be assembled using zinc (or copper) solder remover. This stripper – or flux – removes the natural oxidation that occurs on the surface of metals when they come into contact with air and which adversely affects the weld. Thanks to the flux, theRead more

Roofing accessories: their types and applications

As a specialist in roofing equipment, Guilbert Express offers a wide range of accessories under the Express brand for roofers and plumbers. Here’s a quick overview. Flux range The ecological flow 855 Flux is essential to prepare your work surface. To obtain a solder that adheres perfectly, you must strip the zinc (or copper) withRead more

How to tin a soldering iron tip

Pour réussir vos soudures à la perfection, vous devez disposer d’une panne en bon état. Étant donné qu’elle s’encrasse au fil des utilisations, nous vous expliquons ici comment étamer une panne de fer à souder.  Pourquoi étamer votre panne de fer à souder L’étamage de la panne permet d’améliorer le transfert de chaleur, depuis leRead more

Vue des toits de Paris

The Roofs of Paris – UNESCO World Heritage status

Grey zinc roofs are one of the special features of Parisian architecture. Nowhere else in the world do they exist on such a large scale, covering more than 80% of the roofs of the capital city since the middle of the 19thcentury. However, it is not the roofs of Paris themselves that is subject ofRead more

Fer de couveur et flamme sur tête de fer

Roofer’s solder iron for the installation and repair of zinc guttering

A zinc gutter is solid and aesthetically pleasing, but it must be maintained to ensure that it is perfectly watertight. For installation, fixing the gutter stop or repairing a leak, you will use a roofer’s soldering iron and tin solder. You can do this work yourself, by choosing the right tool for the job: aRead more

Fer de couvreur Réf. 63778

Roofers – Here’s how to choose the right soldering iron

For all your welding work, your roofer’s soldering iron must meet the unnegotiable criteria of quality and practicality. Here is a list of qualities it must have in order to allow you to work in the best conditions. Propane gas The roofer’s soldering iron is connected to a gas cylinder. For jobs where you needRead more