A key part of ensuring safety, gas hoses must be handled with the greatest care by users and team managers. This is why the company Guilbert Express offers a vast selection of flexible rubber gas hoses that comply with the French standard NF EN ISO 3821. Available in various lengths, these gas hoses are designed to meet the needs of finishing trades in the construction sector. 4.75-metre hose with 3/8” left-hand thread female couplings to be fitted on a roofer soldering iron, 20-metre rubber hose or longer for bitumen roofing applications, Cat. No. 2920 ISO 3821-compliant twin hoses for the Koro welding set, as well as ear clamps for rubber hoses, a kit with 2 nipple connectors for hoses, and the list goes on… There is no shortage of accessories and spare parts to ensure proper use of Express brand hoses in this section. And a final word for these very handy products: in this product family, you will also find the extension hose for Vulcane Express and the double connection kit for gas cylinders, which is ideal if you want to link 13 or 35 kg gas cylinders in series.