Known all over the world for its roofer soldering irons and roofer sets, the Express brand now offers roofer soldering irons with gas hose and hoseless roofer soldering irons with gas cartridge. Based on its expertise in this area, the company Guilbert Express has segmented its range between enclosed flame roofer soldering irons and open flame roofer soldering irons. The latter are highly popular in Northern European countries. Supplied with a gas hose and 2-bar regulator, these zinc heating tools can also be purchased alone. In this category, roofing professionals will find a roofer soldering iron handle, a soldering iron head with its copper tip, a propane gas hose and, with certain models, a swivelling quick-release coupling, which connects the tool to its gas hose with a single click and prevents accidental tangling of the hose. In addition, they can opt for our long life” tips with a coating that enables them to last up to five times longer than a traditional copper tip. They can also buy a roofer’s set and choose a roofer soldering iron head and copper tip to best meet the needs of the job at hand. Lastly, a wide selection of roofer soldering iron carrying cases is available, as well as a choice of many accessories and spare parts, such as piezos and quick-release couplings for gas, to get the best out of their roofing set.