The Express brand gas cartridges and cylinders are high-security products with various certifications and many quality controls, which ensure they are safe products, provided that users respect the conditions for use. Whether it’s our type-S200 butane gas cartridges designed for multifunction blowtorches or butane/propane/propylene gas cartridges, all of our mixtures are developed to provide users with reliable operation, provided that they check the instructions provided by the company Guilbert Express for suitable outdoor usage temperatures. Depending on the type of gas, you can use your tool in temperatures as low as -20°C. This is true of the XPRESS GAS™ propylene gas cartridge, for example, which is designed for use with the range of Vulcane Express gas torches. In this category, you will also find oxygen cylinders and acetylene cylinders used for the Koro oxyacetylene welding set, as well as the propane work-site cylinder, which is very popular with roofers for its light weight and ease of filling, thanks to its refill connector. Also very handy, the connection kit for propane makes it possible to connect several gas cylinders in series when needed. And, to transport gas cylinders from 13 kg to 35 kg, remember our bottle-carrier trolleys, which are available at your usual Express retailers.