The range of Express brand handles for torches includes various torch handles that can be fitted with elbowed and swivelling connectors that help avoid tangling of the gas hose, which can be attached with a single click. In this product family, you will find roofer handles and various models of handles for bitumen roofing applications. The gas inlet on these roofer handles systematically features a 3/8” left-hand inverted thread, as with all products that use propane gas. Particular attention has been paid to the ergonomics of the handles, in order to provide good handling and reduce strain caused by repetitive movements. The company Guilbert Express has made the fight against musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) one of its daily concerns. You will find handles for roofing torches that are compatible with our steel ranges, as well as others dedicated to the Titan’Express and Stainless Steel’Express roofing neck tubes. Several of the handle products presented here are equipped with a thumbwheel that enables users to adjust the power of the torch flame without letting go of the handle. Whether you use a classic torch handle or a handle with trigger, you will find the handle that suits your needs, for bitumen roofing or sheet-metal roofing applications.