Our know-how

For Guilbert Express, what some organisations refer to as “know-how” goes beyond simple technical background, and is enriched by what is called in French “savoir-être”, or an understanding of the best way to operate, a concept that could be defined as a “set of attitudes which play a large part in the moral values of the organization in undertaking its business.”

Test de flamme

Preserving its status as a benchmark in its markets involves ensuring that every product that is designed and developed within the organisation meets a need on the part of the user, whether this is explicitly expressed or not.
Gaining a better understanding of these needs and expressing them as solutions is the role that all employees, irrespective of their position within the organisation, carry out to benefit the community of professional users.

This is therefore expressed, for example, through an insistence on quality such that each product is the subject of a continuous improvement process throughout its entire life.
It is therefore natural that nearly all Express brand products are covered by a 24 month guarantee, when the majority of organisations dare not in reality commit themselves beyond the usual 12 months.