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Vulcane One Réf. G460 un chalumeau performant en toute simplicitéVulcane One Réf. G460 un chalumeau performant en toute simplicité

Vulcane One torch Cat. No. G460

Reference : G460
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Once upon a time there was the Express Vulcane One torch…
Why ‘One’?

Because it has a single fixed burner & neck tube set enabling work on pipes up to 22 mm!

Building on the success of the Vulcane Express and its various versions, the Guilbert Express Design Team developed a simplified version of this exceptional torch, with the aim of it being used in professions that don’t necessarily need such a sophisticated torch, but which felt the need to be equipped with a very high-performance tool, ready to use in all circumstances.

Vulcane One: a high-precision gas torch.

This new Express product has been designed with the above in mind and for all those who demand quality equipment.
With 2.7 kW (propylene version) or 3.1 kW (propane version) of power at their fingertips, users of the Vulcane One are equipped with an extremely easy to use tool, which enables them to work efficiently and with speed in areas that were previously out of reach using a traditional blowtorch.
Fitted with a removable stand Cat. No. 4702 or the optional extension hose Cat. No. 4770, which gives the torch greater range, Vulcane One has an operating temperature of approximately 4352 °F. Thanks to its built-in Piezo ignition, its built-in regulator, to control the flow rate, and its ignition trigger, enabling intermittent or continuous operation, it is easy and fast to set up and get to work.
In addition, it has been designed so users can point it downwards immediately, which is very useful for work under sinks, for example
Its accurate and easily accessible gas flow control enables users to get exactly the flow rate they require for the job.
The XPRESS GAS™ cartridge Cat. No. 2400 provides users with the certainty of having European standard fuel, ensuring consistency, a high level of purity and a long life for their tool.

Vulcane One has a wide range of applications, including hot water, cold water, soldering, brazing, flame cleaning, burning, defrosting and more!


As with all Express products, Vulcane One is only available at your usual Express retailer.


Net product weight (g): 375

Product weight with cartridge (g): 1260

Propylene version power (BTU/h): 9213

Propane version power (BTU/h): 10578

Autonomy (h): ± 2


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