Research & Development

Guilbert Express has a strong culture of innovation!
In 1905 Léon Guilbert registered the first patent for “heating and combustion equipment” The following year two further patents were registered. These were just the start of a long series.

A century later, nearly 70 patents have come directly from the Guilbert Express research and development laboratories. They have significantly changed the day to day lives of the men and women who use them all the time, throughout the world.

Listening to customers, the single most important value

Guilbert Express regards their external environment as the primary source of enrichment. The assumption made by the organisation from the very beginning was that innovation is pointless without the participation of the professionals and those who use their products.

The user must be involved at every stage in the development process. And it works!

To this day, this is how our engineers think about the changes that occur in the industry sectors and about the future uses for tomorrow’s products.

Listen, Understand, Innovate. For Guilbert Express these three words are the fundamentals for success.

With 5% of turnover given over to R&D, Guilbert Express is making available the resources needed to fulfil their ambitions.
This is the essential element needed to meet new industry requirements and to keep up with users’ expectations.
These users feel exactly the same way, and today there are thousands of professionals who place their trust in Express brand products.

  • Simplifying techniques for users,
  • Meeting customers’ requirements,
  • Developing new uses,

This is the state of mind in which new products are designed at Guilbert Express.