In addition to many cartridge blowtorches, the range of sanitary plumbing torches offered by the company Guilbert Express includes butane gas torches, torches and accessories for plumbers (Cercoflam burner and paint burner) and blowtorches specially designed for plumbing, as well as oxyacetylene (oxygen/acetylene) welding sets, which are ideal when working with large-diameter copper pipes or steel pipes. As well as the traditional plumbing packs with their handles, hoses and variable 2 to 4-bar regulators, or fixed 2-bar regulators for the use of propane gas, professionals will also find in this category a whole range of carrying cases containing the Vulcane Express torch and its XPRESS GAS™ propylene gas cartridges, which make it possible to use the Vulcane Express blowtorch in temperatures as low as -20°C. There are also numerous accessories in this section, such as the extension hose for Vulcane Express, which makes it possible to work without the cartridge directly attached to the tool and therefore access difficult to reach places, and a wide selection of malleable burners for the Koro welding set. All of these products are of course available at your usual Express retailer.