The company Guilbert Express has many brazing alloy and solder stick products designed for professional welders, plumbers, heating engineers and metal workers.  They are designed for cold and hot water plumbing installations and can be used for both soft brazing and hard brazing. These ranges also include high-fluidity CuPh sticks of solder with high phosphorus content, as well as others that contain integrated flux. This is the case of the 34% silver CuPh brazing rod approved by the French gas authority, as well as other models, such as the 34% silver CuZn brazing rod with integrated flux. Our solder bars are now lead-free in order to comply with the latest legislation. For roofers, the Express brand has developed several flux products, including Décap’Green, an environmentally-friendly flux that produces no toxic fumes. With soldering paste, Décap’Cuivre, Décap’alu and Décap’Inox, there are many products available to make work on sites easier. Lastly, there are our roofer’s holders with compartments to hold both a salmiak stone and a pot of flux. Several varieties of tin solder reels are also presented with wires of different sizes and various lengths. All of these products are, of course, also available at your usual Express dealer.