The talent of the pastry chef and his crème brûlée recipe is the caramelisation made with the Express 8700 / 8800 / 8900 series soldering lamp ranges.

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15 June, 2020
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Crème Brulée au chalumeau

Did you know that your soldering lamp can become a valuable asset in your kitchen? When we talk about the kitchen blowtorch, we could just as well talk about the brazing blowtorch of the DIYers. In addition to the crème brûlée for which it is used, you can vary the pleasures and try a multitude of recipes.

The use of a blow lamp in the kitchen

Here’s an unexpected thing  a cook and a welder have in common: the brazing torch! Similar temperatures and the same precision are required for cooking and welding. The 8700, 8800 and 8900 range of Guilbert Express soldering lamps is therefore compatible.

Crème brûlée is the most common example, but here are a few ideas of delicious recipes you can use this type of tool for: meringue brûlée, caramelised fruit, roasted peppers, macaroni and cheese, roasted marshmallows, all gratins…

What should your soldering lamp and your kitchen torch have in common?

We recommend the range of 8700, 8800 and 8900 brazing torches from Guilbert Express,  because they meet cook’s requirements.

Getting started

You need a lightweight soldering lamp with an ergonomic handle and total maneuverability. Ignition is immediate. The lamps can also be used in any position, including upside down, which is very handy for reaching difficult spots of your dishes.

The lamp must be stable so you can work well and placing it on your work surface without it risking falling down.

Lampe à souder multifonctions Réf. 8800

The Express 8800 blow lamp

Heating temperature

The right temperature must be reached immediately. Cooking generally requires an average temperature of 1300°, which is easily reached with the Guilbert Express brazing torch, which can go up to 1850°C.

Gas flow adjustment

Depending on the recipe, the ingredients you have to heat and your personal taste, you must be able to adjust the flame size very precisely. With the Guilbert Express soldering lamp opening and gas flow adjustment wheel, your precision will enable you to make the best dishes.

This mechanism adjusts the size of the flame to suit your exact needs.

Child Safety

Kitchen equals children! To ensure their safety, you must be able to lock your soldering lamp. Once they are old enough, you can introduce them to cooking, as the lamp is light and they will love to help you make the crème brûlées or melt the cheese.


Lampe à souder Express et crême brulée, un mariage d'amour

© C.Laverdin

For welding, as for cooking, you must be able to work autonomously. The soldering torch from Guilbert Express is a cartridge lamp that works with butane gas.

That gas is highly recommended for cooking. Its flame is hot enough and as you can adjust it, you can choose the browning degree of your crème brûlée and all your other recipes.

The torch provides an autonomy of 90 minutes, which gives you free rein  for many creative delights.

By opting for a Guilbert Express 8700, 8800 or 8900 series soldering lamp, you can solder, braze, deglaze, strip, and also make delicious grilled, caramelized or gratin dishes.