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Heat treatment of pipes

Extensive welding work – especially on pipelines – requires heat treatment to relieve residual welding stresses and to achieve appropriate mechanical properties of the joint. The weld thus offers perfect reliability. What is pipe heat treatment? All welding involves a modification of the structure of the metals concerned, and thus an alteration of their mechanicalRead more

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All about flame welding

Flame welding has many advantages. It is suitable for both professional and personal use. The flashlight is a valuable tool for homeowners to make all kinds of repairs. Here are the characteristics of flame welding. The different types of use of flame welding processes to weld The various flame welding processes fall into two categories:Read more

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Welding in cold weather

If your welding process is flame welding, cold weather and inclement weather in general can cause problems. The latter appear during the work itself, but can also call into question the quality of the welds in the long term. Besides the discomfort for the welder, it is important to take some precautions to protect yourRead more

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Soldering an air conditioning circuit

The meticulous design of the piping for an air conditioning system is a guarantee of its efficiency. The refrigeration technician then cuts his copper pipes. Finally, he welds the air conditioning pipes with a blowtorch. The refrigeration technician’s tools. The refrigeration technician’s tools are subject to conformity checks every year. You must equip yourself withRead more

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Why use nitrogen to weld

Nitrogen welding offers multiple advantages. This method is now applied to work on electronic components that require high precision. What are the applications of nitrogen welding Nitrogen soldering is mainly used in the assembly of electronic components and for all operations on printed circuits. The work to be carried out requires more and more precision, Read more

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Welding in an LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) vessel

LNG – Liquefied Natural Gas – is a hazardous operation both in terms of storage and transport. This fuel, which is increasingly used by the merchant navy, is the subject of every precaution, as any leakage would lead to tragedy. Risks of liquefied gas leaks on LNG carriers LNG is a gas liquefied at -163°C.Read more

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Welding cast iron

Cast iron is one of the oldest alloys known to mankind, used as early as 500 BC in China. The cast iron is an alloy of iron and carbon, carbon being largely minority, entering for less than 7 % in the composition. Cast iron is a highly prized material for its high fluidity and lowRead more

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The good habits when a regulator freezes

If you work outside during a harsh winter or if you neglect to store your devices in a heated room at a minimum, you may not be able to use them temporarily. Indeed, if your gas freezes, it can no longer come out of the bottle and you can only wait. It is also possibleRead more

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Performing a flame weld in complete safety

Flame welding involves risks that should be prevented by appropriate gestures, as well as by appropriate equipment. Here are the precautions to take to avoid burns, gas fumes and eye irradiation, when welding with a flame. Clothing to protect the welder The welder’s clothing must comply with the EN-ISO 11611 standard which has replaced theRead more

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The pressure setting for oxy-acetylene welding

Oxyacetylene welding allows to weld parts together by fusion, with or without filler metal. The field of application of this type of welding is wide: garages, heating companies, agriculture, boiler making, locksmith and metalwork companies, etc. The adjustment of the pressure of the two gases, acetylene and oxygen, must be precise so that the blowtorchRead more

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How to weld easily

You often need to do small jobs around the house, but you don’t know how to weld (yet). This is how you can equip yourself to start welding and become self-sufficient, rather than waiting for a professional to come. How a welding machine looks like There are different types of welds and therefore different typesRead more

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The blowtorches that you should use for plumbing

Plumbers should use a professional torch suitable for their needs. Welding is indeed part of the daily life of an artisan. He must carry out both quality and aesthetic work for the visible parts. What does the plumber need? The first question to ask yourself is about your needs. Indeed, you will not buy theRead more