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L'isolation en extérieur

Optimal thermal insulation with sealing torches

Thermal insulation performed by waterproofing professionals must be flawless to ensure the impermeability of civil engineering works and buildings, whether in new constructions or renovations. The materials to be applied are varied and require sealing torches that are as precise as they are reliable. This is particularly true for bituminous sheets or the welding ofRead more

soudure plombier

Precision welding : gas torches improve the quality of joints

There are many advantages to using a gas torch. The tool is multi-purpose, suitable for a broad spectrum of applications, ensuring high-quality joints for tasks ranging from minor domestic plumbing to large-scale industrial projects. Let’s take a look at why you should choose this type of torch. 1.    Transport, logistics and ease of use WorkingRead more

The Cercoflam burner

Since its creation in 1905, the Guilbert Express company has never stopped innovating. The company develops ranges of heating tools for brazing and soldering, but also all the devices for roofers, farmers (for thermal dehorning), landscapers and municipal employees (thermal weed burner), construction workers (ground marking), etc. It also supplies all the do-it-yourselfers who needRead more

The roofer’s holder

The roofer’s holder has an important place amongst roofers’ accessories. This small object is indispensible as it allows you to store the flux to strip the surface to optimise the adhesion of your solder, as well as the ammonia stone to clean your parts and a pot of paste or bolts to be able toRead more

Express SDS

An all-new site containing Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for Express products is now online!

As a legal requirement for numerous French manufacturers and industrial companies, which was introduced in 1978 to prevent chemical-related risks, the provision of safety data sheets is a necessity. In certain cases, however, it can also be a good opportunity for a company to demonstrate its service capacity. This all-new site provides information in FrenchRead more

Le siège social de Guilbert Express

A message from Didier and Philippe Guilbert

Hello All, The recent televised speech given by the President of the French Republic concerning the development of the Covid-19 pandemic on 28 October, as well as the ensuing details given by members of the government, show that we are far from reaching the end of this health crisis. During this second lockdown, while activitiesRead more

Les fers Express tout un monde à découvrir

Express electric soldering irons, powerful and environmentally friendly

Guilbert Express was founded in 1905 and has been innovating ever since. With the aim of satisfying its customers, both professionals and individuals, the brand has constantly developed its various ranges to provide an exceptionally varied offer today, which enables everyone to find the most versatile tool or, on the contrary, the most specific deviceRead more

White book - TRhe roofer's soldering iron

Available at last on the website guilbert-express.net: The first white paper on the roofer soldering iron

While the origins of its use go back more than 2000 years, the roofer’s soldering iron is now a product used by all roofing professionals and is often wrongly assumed to be something quite ordinary. However, it has a fascinating past, which is linked to the history of apprenticeship. Learn about its history and developmentRead more

Crème Brulée au chalumeau

The talent of the pastry chef and his crème brûlée recipe is the caramelisation made with the Express 8700 / 8800 / 8900 series soldering lamp ranges.

Did you know that your soldering lamp can become a valuable asset in your kitchen? When we talk about the kitchen blowtorch, we could just as well talk about the brazing blowtorch of the DIYers. In addition to the crème brûlée for which it is used, you can vary the pleasures and try a multitudeRead more

Vulcane Express blowtorch

The multi-purpose Vulcane Express blowtorch The Vulcane Express plumbing blowtorch is designed for professional plumbers as well as heating and cooling specialists. A practical tool that brazes efficiently and comes with a practical carry case for easy transport – including all its accessories. Manufactured with quality materials, this torch is a reliable mate, enabling youRead more

Discover the new Decap’Green Flux 855

It produces no toxic fumes. It can be used for all types of applications: zinc (new and oxidised), copper and tin-coated steel. Decap’ Green Flux Cat. No. 855 contains no zinc chloride and is therefore harmless to plants and animals. This all-new product avoids any zinc corrosion. It is supplied in a 320 ml bottleRead more

New Express Heating Gun 4500

Up until a few years ago, some building and roofing applications needed a powerful heat source but, for various reasons, a flame was unsuitable. On a work site, haven’t you ever needed to strip paint from around a roof window, or to unglue the covering from a chimney stack? Hot air has proved to beRead more