The company Guilbert Express has made its plumbing division a priority area for development for very many years. In addition to its blowtorches, plumbing torches and oxyacetylene welding sets, the Express brand provides plumbers, heating engineers and refrigeration specialists with a wide range of plumbing burners and brazing burners, including several turbo plumbing burner versions that offer the advantage of enveloping the part to be brazed and reaching the required brazing temperature more rapidly. In addition to these plumbing burners, there is a set of four interchangeable burners with no tools required, specially designed for the Vulcane Express torch. Thanks to the nozzle integrated in each burner, the power delivered varies from one burner to another, making it possible to work with 14 mm-diameter pipes (for hot and cold water plumbing jobs) to 35 mm-diameter pipes for work on heating installations. This section also includes malleable burners compatible with the KORO oxy-gas set, as well as a selection of tips ranging from 60 to 315 litres designed for the malleable burners. You will also find our Cercoflam burners, an Express innovation that ensures a constant flame operating temperature by totally enveloping the pipe to be brazed.