In some situations, it is not always possible to use flame tools on a work site. This may be because the prime contractor does not allow it, or because the user is in an ATEX zone where flames are forbidden. The company Guilbert Express has therefore developed a range of Express brand hot air products, in the form of a multi-purpose hoseless hot air gun, which is ideal to weld and repair PVC sheets, dry plasterboard joint tape, strip paint and loosen a stubborn nut, for example. This hot air range also includes the Sirocco hot air torch for roofers, which also operates without a flame and is recommended for all raised edge applications. In addition to these products, you will also find three Vulcane hot air gun carrying cases, which include a hot air burner, ideal for leak sample testing and pre-shaping PVC pipes. Note that the Vulcane Express Nomad Hot Air 496 model includes the Vulcane Express extension hose, which makes it possible to work without the gas cartridge directly attached to the tool. These products are of course available at your usual Express retailers.