For a long time reserved exclusively for plumbers or heating engineers, use of the oxyacetylene welding set has become considerably more widespread, including many applications such as industrial maintenance and air-conditioning.  The company Guilbert Express was one of the first to offer an oxy-gas set for private customers, with the Oxy-Kid oxy-gas set 2901, including a 110-litre oxygen cartridge and a butane/propane gas cartridge. However, the main product in this category remains the Koro oxyacetylene torch, with its various accessories and spare parts. In addition to the specially designed malleable burners, 6-tip star and gas cylinder trolley, the non-return flame-protection valves for hoses and female quick-release couplings, which are essential to ensure a long life for the KORO welding set, this category includes spare parts such as the handle and pre-mounted hoses for the Oxy-Kid set. You will find these products at your usual Express retailer and some of the spare parts are available via our website.