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Green roofs: waterproofing products contribute to sustainability

Green roofs bring numerous benefits, yet their design and installation demand strict waterproofing measures to ensure their longevity. Proper waterproofing not only extends the life of the roof but also enhances home protection through thermal insulation, soundproofing, and preventing infiltration caused by plant growth or natural precipitation. The benefits of green roofs The popularity ofRead more

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The extension Ref. 4726, to facilitate work at height

Waterproofing and weeding jobs mean that you often need to adopt an inappropriate posture for your back, as you need to bend down to reach the ground. Your back naturally twists so that you can manage your waterproofing work properly. Whether you are working as a professional or as a private individual, if you spendRead more

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Identify issues with your regulator

The safety regulator is the key part of the assembly between the gas source and your soldering iron, as it allows you to modulate the pressure at the cylinder outlet. Its good working order is essential for working, as well as for your safety. Here’s how to identify problems with your safety regulator. How theRead more

The Express sealing rod

The efficiency of bituminous waterproofing makes it popular in the building industry. To facilitate and accelerate its installation, as well as to spare the back of the worker in charge of the construction site, Express has designed an ergonomic, practical, and lightweight sealing rod. Find out which tool you need if you need to workRead more

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Why bituminous waterproofing still has a bright future ahead of it

Bituminous waterproofing dates back to antiquity. This is known from writings, but we can also see from ancient ruins that it was used in constructionsuch as for the Tigris river walls in Assur, Ancient Mesopotamia. Although we prefer to manufacture it nowadays, Bitumen actually also exists in nature. In any case these ruins, visible toRead more