Popular among bitumen roofing and sheet metal roofing professionals, as well as plumbers and heating engineers, the high-pressure regulator performs a clear function: reduce the gas pressure from the propane gas cylinder or propylene gas cartridge and provide constant pressure of the gas, in order to ensure smooth operation of the roofer soldering iron, roofer torch or plumber welding set. The Express brand range of regulators meets this dual requirement. There are both fixed high-pressure regulators and other variable-pressure regulators. For sheet metal roofers who power their roofer soldering iron with propane gas, the 2-bar regulator is a must. If they occasionally perform bitumen roofing jobs, they should opt for a variable regulator, in order to be able to adjust the pressure from 2 to 4 bar. For an oxyacetylene welding set, on the other hand, each of the gas cylinders is fitted with its own regulator. An acetylene regulator for the acetylene cylinder and an oxygen regulator for the oxygen cylinder. Very handy to use, the Cat. No. 694 propane regulator has a pressure gauge that shows the actual gas pressure in real time. It is also important to note that it is possible to fit a safety valve on certain regulators, which automatically cuts off the gas supply in the event that the gas hose breaks.