The Express brand offers roofers and all roofing professionals a comprehensive range of roofer soldering iron burner & neck tube sets that are compatible with the Express roofer handles. These burner & neck tube sets, natively fitted with copper tips for enclosed flame roofer soldering irons, are compatible with most of the copper tips designed by the company Guilbert Express. From the 690 g copper tip to the classic  and the 218 g turbo copper tip, which reaches operating temperature extremely rapidly thanks to its exclusive turbo system, you are sure to find the Express product you need for your roofing job in this product family. Professional users will also appreciate our long life tips with a special coating that enables them to last up to five times longer than a conventional copper tip. And for the open flame roofer soldering iron, there are three dedicated tips that will enable you to carry out all your zinc work in the workshop or on roofs. Made with 99.99% pure electrolytic copper, the Express copper tips for roofers are available at your usual Express dealer.