Vulcane Express torch, a technical revolution made possible by the use of a European propylene gas: Xpress Gas

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11 May, 2020
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470 Vulcane XPRESS

Vulcane Express is a revolutionary and versatile torch that will accompany you in all your work. Delivered with all its accessories, the simplicity of its use and changing its parts – lances, gas cartridge and piezo – will pleasantly surprise you. This performance is only possible thanks to the new XPRESS GAS cartridge, the result of years of award-winning research.

Vulcane Express et sa cartouche de gaz XPRESS GAS

The plumber’s tool: Vulcane Express

Characteristics of the Vulcane Express torch Ref. 470 of Guilbert

Vulcane Express Ref. 470 is a versatile gas torch. It can be used for plumbing, heating or air conditioning. You can also use it as a hot air gun.

At only 400 grams, the Vulcan torch is one of the lightest on the market. This low weight gives you great manoeuvrability and comfort when you work for a long time.

Its ergonomic, non-slip bi-material handle provides a stable grip. its removable foot attached to the opposite side of lance, Vulcane Express adapts to a working configurations. In fixed installation, the torch remains perfectly stable on its base, without you having to hold it.

Vulcane Express operates in continuous mode if you squeeze the lower part of the trigger, or in intermittent mode if you squeeze the upper part of the trigger. If you are using continuous mode, the trigger will automatically hold the trigger in the on position; for intermittent mode, it is up to you to it by pressing it for the required amount of time. You switch from one mode to another by moving your finger on the trigger.

Changing the piezo is extremely simple. Simply disassemble the lance, pull out the trigger and its piezo, then position the new piezo on the handle. All you have to do is pull up the lance and your torch is ready to use.

Interchangeable lances in 1 click

Its lances are interchangeable , without any tools. The assembly and disassembly function has been simplified to the extreme. The first

Vulcane Express seul Réf. 472

The Vulcane Express torch

manipulation allows you to and the lance. You clip it by turning the base of the lance a quarter turn.

The second operation allows you to the torch to the lock position, i.e.  safety position. Your trigger will be locked in the off mode. This makes it impossible for you to operate the device. You can store your torch safely, also transport it without risk.

The torch comes with 5 lances of different power, allowing you to switch easily from one activity to another. When you change the lance, you don’t just change a single burner, but you use the injector for each lance, which allows you to change the gas flow rate of each lance.

To change the injector, simply disassemble the lance, extract the injector, insert the new injector and reassemble the on the torch.

The lance for 14 mm diameter tubes is intended for refrigeration engineers, the lance for 22 mm tubes for plumbers and the lance for 28 mm tubes for heating engineers. You have two more lances for larger tubes.

Cartouche de gaz XPRESS GAS Réf. 2400


The XPRESS GAS cartridge

The extraordinary versatility of the Vulcane Express gas torch is made possible by the technically advanced XPRESS GAS cartridge with propylene.

After years of research, the manufacturers have developed a gas cartridge of extreme purity, giving it very high stability and also preventing “pollution” of the device to which XPRESS GAS is connected. The feat also consists  providing consistency in terms of physico-chemical characteristics as perfect at the beginning as at the end of the bottle.

This innovation in the composition of a gas cartridge ensures the durability of your tool.