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Le sirocco est travail de relevé d'étanchéité

Hot Air Torch Sirocco Ref. 4010

Developed by Express‘ Research & Development department, this Hot Air Torch Sirocco Ref. 4010 is particularly destinated to Roofing / Public Works where torches with visible flame can’t be usued. Power: – 6 kW at 1.5 bar – 11 kW at 3 bar It is supplied in a plastic case with 1 HP regulator (automaticRead more

Roofer Soldering Irons Cat. No. 63778 & 63779

The connector on the handle Cat. No. 603CR 3/8″ left-hand thread has: • an elbow union to prevent the hose from breaking; • a quick-connection system; • a swivel design to make it easy to work in any position. These soldering irons, which produce very little noise, reach their target temperature twice as fast asRead more

Le nouveau fer de couvreur Express Réf. 6367/8

New roofer set Cat. No. 6367/8

A major step forward in the area of roofing, the new Cat. No. 6367/8 roofer soldering iron is a complete, ready-to-use set designed by the Guilbert Express R&D teams. This ergonomic tool greatly facilitates the daily work of professionals who need to perform high-quality welds.   Click here to find out about its many features.Read more

Multi-function torches Ref. 8700/ 8800/ 8900.

15 seconds of heat is all that is required for work in any position for Item. 8900, since the flame tip temperature reaches 3362°F! With piezo-electric ignition for Items. 8800 and 8900 and an ergonomically designed handle for excellent grip, blowlamps Item nos. 8700/8800/8900 are an “essential” for any tool kit. Technical Data Flow atRead more

Peinture de finition gris quartz pour cordons de soudure Réf. 99625

Finish paint for weld beads

Roofers, we are proud to present a new  range of aerosol paints for coloring your weld identical zinc plates used in your projects cover.Very easy to iuse, just use spray paint in a traditional way, about 15 cm cord to hide. We identified the preferred colors of architects. They are the ones that we offerRead more

Vulcane Express Multi Air Chaud Réf. 491 dans sa mallette ouverte

Nomad Heat Gun Carrying Case Cat. No. 496

Designed for all types of finishing work in all trades, the Nomad Heat Gun version of the Vulcane Express torch has been designed to meet the needs of craftsmen who require a strong heat source but are unable to use conventional flame-based technologies. The set includes the now famous Vulcane Express torch, along with itsRead more

New electric heat torch Cat. No. 2010

It is also a universal tool as it can be used to well all types of thermoplastic materials. It is lightweight and enables professional and efficient welding of the highest quality. It operates with a 230 V supply and has a heating capacity of 1500 W, as well as a totally reliable electronic adjustment systemRead more

Need winter storage? Discover the new Rafale!

With two power levels, Rafale Cat. No. 4065 or 4040 adapts to the most demanding working environments while always offering adjustable heating power, which can be strictly adjusted to meet the needs of each user. With its specially designed foldable fixing hook, the operator can easily rest the equipment on the workstation as required. ItsRead more

Les solvants 856 et 856P la gamme idéale pour nettoyer les résidus de bitume

New ecological solvent in spray form and can

When it comes to degreasing or cleaning tools, each workman has his own methods and won’t think twice about sharing them with others, as they’ve often been handed down through generations of workmen… But the truth is, when it comes to dissolving splashes of bitumen on tools quickly and with lasting effect, you need aRead more

RAPTOR, the new Express Roofing Torch

Lightweight (< 500 g), to avoid repetitive strain injury, quick and easy to set up with its interchangeable burners and a quick fitting for connecting the torch in just one click, RAPTOR, the Express Roofing Torch, is the only one to have a safety handle: the roofing torch is turned off when the roofer releasesRead more

New heat-shrink gun Rafale

Equipped with a more robust burner which can be adjusted and disconnected by a single click, with a reinforced anti-burn wire and a tempered high-strength steel quick-connector, the research undertaken by the Guilbert Express development department has resulted in one of the safest products in existence for the user. Ultra Powerful – available in 40Read more

Tempo soldering irons.

Tempo, the best in soldering irons from Guilbert Express! Innovating in the electronics soldering iron market was a challenge many thought it impossible to meet, given that this type of product has become commonplace with the influx from Asia of so-called “entry level” products. Yet thanks to its comprehensive Tempo electronics soldering iron range, withRead more