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29 March, 2020
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The multi-purpose Vulcane Express blowtorch

The Vulcane Express plumbing blowtorch is designed for professional plumbers as well as heating and cooling specialists. A practical tool that brazes efficiently and comes with a practical carry case for easy transport – including all its accessories. Manufactured with quality materials, this torch is a reliable mate, enabling you to work to the best of your ability and with the highest precision.

A complete case for this multi-purpose plumbing torch

Vulcan torch case

Vulcane Express torch case

The Vulcane Express gas powered plumbing torch comes with a storage case that allows you to store its accessories, as well as two propylene gas cylinders, safely and tidily.

The torch has interchangeable lances that allow you to work onn both heating and air conditioning systems. Including a lance for brazing copper piping up to a diameter of 22mm. In addition, the case also contains a so-called “cooling” lance for brazing copper pipe up to diameter of 14mm, as well as a “heating” lance for brazing copper piping up to a diameter of 28mm.

Optional extras include; extra trigger, spare injector and stabilising foot that allows you to work in a fixed position.

An ergonomically designed, high power, high performance plumbing torch.

The Vulcane Express plumbing torch offers an excellent grip, thanks to its ergonomic bi-material handle. Specially adapted to a standard hand size with a non-slip surface for added grip. Thanks to its lightweight design – only 400g – the torch is easy to handle, even in uncomfortable positions. This also minimises strain on your arm and wrist.

Use of the Vulcan Blow Torch

Use of the Vulcane Express Torch

The Vulcane Express torch offers a heating temperature of 2,400°C, with a power of 2.7 KW. Its turbo flame distributes the heat evenly over the entire circumference of the pipe being heated.

Its removable stabilising foot and Piezo ignition make it very practical to use. The operating mode of the torch can be changed easy using the one-touch switch. The injector and the piezo can be changed in seconds.The Vulcane Express torch has two modes of operation, continuous or intermittent. Its lance control has 3 positions.

You can adjust your flame with the dial on the back. You can lock the trigger mechanism with a single finger for safety when not in operation. When you store your Vulcane Express plumbing torch, a trigger lock is applied automatically.

Vulcane Express, the torch for all uses

Cartouche de gaz XPRESS GAS Réf. 2400

Xpress Gas for Vulcane Express

The Vulcane Express torch is the essential tool for plumbers and HVAC specialists. Zinc can be easily heated without breaking thanks to its precision controls. You can also shape PVC pipe sleeves, heat shrink sleeves, defrost pipes… the list is endless.

A reliable tool, made with quality materials

The Vulcane Express torch is made of brass, stainless steel and zamak. Zamak is an alloy of zinc, aluminum, magnesium and copper.

You can work in extreme climatic conditions, from – 20°C to – 49°C, with a heating temperature of up to 2400°C. 2 hours of use from a single canister.

Dimensions: 145 mm x 120 mm – height 280 mm. Lance gas flow rate is 1.3 Bar or 200 g/hour.

Vulcane Express works with a 399g propylene gas canister. The steel storage case holds a volume of 1 litre and has a safety catch to ensure safe storage. Its U.S. standard screw valve is 1″, with 20 threads per inch (60°).

Gas tanks are not refillable, but don’t worry, they are fully recyclable. Store away from sunlight, in a dry and well-ventilated room. Must not be exposed to temperatures above 50°C