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6 March, 2019
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Vulcane Express gas torch kit, a gas blowtorch with carrying case

Very often, when working, you realise that you have left behind some tool that turns out to be essential, and you haven’t got it with you because it didn’t seem fundamental to the job. It is for just such situations that the Express brand now offers its brand-new ready-to-use Vulcane Express gas torch kit, comprising agas blowtorch and accessories, packed in a carrying case, ref. 471.

470 Vulcane XPRESS

Vulcane Express

The Vulcane Express gas torch kit comes in its own practical carrying case, (ref. 471) and includes a Vulcane Express gas blowtorch (Ref. 470), two XPRESS GAS™ propylene gas cartridges, (Ref. 2400), three burners (for different applications), a Piezo ignition system and a spare gas nozzle: everything you need, but taking up minimum room and of minimal weight.

The new Vulcane Express gas torch kit is practical and not at all bulky, and is fast becoming an “essential” for the work of plumbers, heating technicians and refrigeration engineers who cannot afford to have doubts about their equipment.

With a simplified control system, adjustable flame, immediate turnaround and removable stabilising base (Ref. 4702), the Vulcane Express gas blowtorch (Ref. 470) is characterised by lightness and ergonomic design, standing out from other competing gas flame torches through its many innovative features.

You no longer need accessories!
You can change the Vulcane Express’s burner, Piezo ignition system or gas nozzle in just a few seconds without needing any additional tools. Trade users who have ever tried to change a Piezo ignition system or gas nozzle on their gas blowtorch will appreciate what this means.
So, soon, will others!


Cartouche de gaz XPRESS GAS Réf. 2400


Owners of a Vulcane Express gas torch kit can take to the road without worrying about equipment safety: the trigger has a safety-lock position when the gas blowtorch is stowed, so there is no risk of it being activated inadvertently.

The gas (XPRESS GAS™ propylene) is held in a one-litre steel container fitted with a safety valve, and the cartridges are equipped with an American-standard screw valve.
The cartridges can tolerate any temperature in the range – 4°F to 120.2 °F, so users do not need to worry about the weather forecast!
With an eye to environmental protection, the disposable cartridges are completely recyclable.
To sum up, the inherent characteristics of each item included in the ready-to-use Vulcane Express gas torch kit surely make it one of the best performing on the market.