Exterior air conditioning units are very often placed on roofs and it can be extremely difficult to carry oxyacetylene welding sets weighing more than 30 kg through narrow gaps. This is why the Express brand has developed gas torches and blowtorches with cartridge that deliver high power and temperatures, such as the range of Vulcane Express kits specially designed for air conditioning applications. Thanks to the performance of its XPRESS GAS™ propylene gas cartridge, the Vulcane Express blowtorch delivers power of up to 5.5 kW, while weighing less than 900 grams. A 1.5-metre extension hose makes it possible for users to work while carrying the gas cartridge on their belt. This air conditioning range is complemented by numerous accessories, including sticks of solder for braze welding, spare parts, seals, nozzles and hoses, as well as consumables. And for those whose work requires the use of an oxyacetylene welding set, the Koro torch comes with 2 dedicated compact regulators, oxygen and acetylene, with a rear attachment that reduces knocks during use.