As early as 1905, Guilbert Express marketed a range of petrol-fuelled blowtorches with the promise eau et gaz à tous les étages (literally ‘water and gas on all floors’). Since then, the Express brand has developed many models of plumbing torches and cartridge blowtorches, which are distributed through traditional retail outlets and their self-service sections. Based on this reputation, plumbers, refrigeration specialists and heating engineers in nearly 70 countries know they can rely on Express heating tools on their work sites. Our gas torches are highly robust and reliable products. They operate on Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), butane, propane and propene, enabling them to provide very high performances levels. The Vulcane Express torch combines a sophisticated self-maintenance system and burners – including a “hot air” model – that can be changed with a click and no tools required, enabling users to adapt their tool to different situations. A high-end oxyacetylene welding set with its acetylene and oxygen cylinders, as well as various accessories, is available at all professional Express retailers.