The Vulcane Express torch: a revolutionary product for plumbers

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10 August, 2020
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The Vulcane Express is the brand new plumbing torch designed by Gilbert Express. Its ultra-easy operation and maintenance, and its ultra-light weight, is a real revolution for plumbing torch users.

The advantage of low weight

Vulcane Express et sa lance pour la climatisation The Vulcane Express weighs 400 grams, making it one of the lightest products on the market. When you use it intensely you will no doubt feel the difference at the end of your working day.

Your muscles are much less stressed and you gain unrivalled comfort. You can work more freely, especially in hard-to-reach corners where you have to contort your wrist.

Everyday comfort

The light weight of the Vuclane Express is not its only comfort feature. Its ergonomic bi-material Vulcane Express couché sur son support handle guarantees a safe, firm and precise grip.

With its removable foot, you can work in any position and adapt to all site configurations. You can thus use your plumbing torch in a fixed position. Simply place it on its back, stabilising it with your foot, and lock the trigger that makes it work continuously. This way you have both hands free.

The simplified mechanism of the Vulcane Express

The Vulcane Express mechanism and its assembly and disassembly functions have been simplified to the extreme. Apart from reducing its weight, the plumber’s torch does not require any tools for maintenance or to change its accessories (lances or piezo).

To assemble or disassemble the lance, simply turn the collar that connects the lance to the body of the device a quarter turn. One second is enough.

You then screw on your gas cartridge and your torch is ready for use.

Locked position, continuous or intermittent

When the trigger is in off mode, it locks the unit, preventing it from operating. This allows you to store it safely. Also, when you carry it in your toolbox or in your vehicle, you don’t have to worry about it going off if an other tool pulls its trigger.

When you switch to operating mode, you choose between continuous and intermittent mode. For continuous mode, simply squeeze the bottom part of the trigger. This allows you to rest your hand muscles and to focus on the task at hand.

For intermittent mode, place your finger on the top of the trigger. When you release the pressure, the torch stops automatically and instantly.

With a simple click, you can switch from one mode to another.

Exemple d'utilisation du chalumeau Vulcane Express en configuration climatisation Five interchangeable lances in one second

The Vulcane Express plumbing torch is available with five interchangeable lances, making it the ultimate multifunction tool. It is therefore used by professionals in various trades and is the ideal tool for the DIY enthusiast around the house.

The 14 mm diameter lance is intended for refrigeration specialists; the 22 mm diameter lance is intended for plumbers; the 28 mm and 35 mm diameter lance is intended for heating engineers. There is also a “Hot Air” version available thanks to the 4750 lance.

Ultra simplified maintenance of the plumber’s torch

No tools are required for the maintenance of your plumbing torch. With the Vulcane Express, everything is just one click away. To change the injector, simply remove the lance and pull it out, then insert the new injector and snap the lance back in.

To change the piezo, simply disassemble the lance, which allows you to remove the trigger and extract its piezo to replace it. Just assemble it all again and your plumbing torch starts up immediately.