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3 November, 2020
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Hello All,

The recent televised speech given by the President of the French Republic concerning the development of the Covid-19 pandemic on 28 October, as well as the ensuing details given by members of the government, show that we are far from reaching the end of this health crisis.

During this second lockdown, while activities in the construction and public works sector are able to continue, we have a responsibility to protect all of our employees, service providers and customers.

At Guilbert Express, we have prepared for this eventuality and we are ready now.

In accordance with the government’s orders, all of our employees whose jobs allow it are strictly required to work remotely.

They will all be contactable and, as in the past, you will have direct access to your Customer Service team, our accounts department and, naturally, all of your sales contacts.

All of the means we deployed to enable you to contact our departments during the first lockdown, which proved their reliability, are available once again.
In addition to the company telephone number, mobiles, emails and video conferences, we will be ensuring an increased presence on all of the social networks used by the Express brand.

We will be on hand to respond to all of your questions and/or suggestions via Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram et Pinterest.

During these difficult times, it is our absolute priority to protect all of our employees and serve you, while limiting the almost inevitable inconveniences caused by this exceptional situation as far as possible.

The pages of history continue to turn. We are writing them together.

Didier and Philippe Guilbert