Optimal thermal insulation with sealing torches

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6 February, 2024
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Thermal insulation performed by waterproofing professionals must be flawless to ensure the impermeability of civil engineering works and buildings, whether in new constructions or renovations. The materials to be applied are varied and require sealing torches that are as precise as they are reliable. This is particularly true for bituminous sheets or the welding of steel trays, for example. That is why Guilbert Express offers compatible accessories so you can assemble your own tool based on the characteristics of your project.

Multiple combinations for your sealing torch

Guilbert Express offers two waterproofing packs if you wish to acquire a complete tool ready for use: Titan’ Express and Stainless Steel’ Express. However, to tailor your sealing torch according to the materials you need to work with for thermal insulation, you have options with 5 necks, 6 nozzles, and 2 handles, allowing for a multitude of assembly combinations.

Additionally, waterproofers offer burners of 6 different powers (35, 50, 70, 90, 100, and 160 kW) to make your tool versatile. Beyond thermal insulation, you can use it for drying, heating for marking products, snow melting, disinfection, or thermal weeding.

Finally, as with all Express products, the designers have also focused their attention on:

  • the weight to make your work easier and reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs);
  • the potential changes of torches which, depending on the selected models, can be done without needing special tools;
  • the presence, in some models, of an integrated piezo ignition to work more simply and quickly.

1 – 5 Necks for customized thermal insulation

To adapt to all your tasks, the Express brand offers 3 necks of different lengths: 130, 400, and 600 mm, made of stainless steel and brass. Moreover, these customizable lengths also consider the size of the waterproofing professional, as well as the position in which they must work depending on the nature of the intervention.

The clip-on stand for stabilizing your sealing torch

Using a clip-on stand on the neck of your tool allows you to place your tool on the ground for a short while as you perform another task. The stand, made of polyamide filled with glass fiber, is compatible with all necks, clips on in one movement, and ensures the stability of your tool by locking its shaft.

2 – 6 Nozzles in stainless steel or titanium

You can choose from 7 nozzles to compose your sealing torch: 4 are made of stainless steel and 3 of titanium. Light and manageable, they are designed for waterproofing work, often carried out outdoors. You are assured of the flame’s consistency and thus the precision of your tool. The range of these burners allows you to choose the ideal characteristics:

  • diameter of the nozzle;
  • diameter of the flame;
  • length of the flame;
  • minimum and maximum power;
  • weight;
  • consumption. All burners use propane gas as fuel.

3 – 2 Handles for your sealing torch

You can choose between a metal/brass trigger handle or a bi-material/brass handle. Both offer a rotating connection with a 3/8 left entry. Note that for the steel range, there is additionally a specific handle made of plastic and brass.

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