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Koro oxyacetylene set Cat. No. 2909

Reference : 2909
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Initially designed to provide plumbers and refrigeration engineers with a tool that offers the best possible value for money, the Koro set Cat. No. 2909, a French-manufactured oxyacetylene torch, has rapidly become popular in the areas of bodywork, locksmithing and boilermaking.

This is no surprise, given the high performance levels and robustness of the set, which features a brass body and burner that make it extremely user-friendly. The burner is interchangeable with a range of malleable burners to meet the specific needs of each user.

It delivers great power with 6 tips, from 63 to 315 L, and a flame temperature that can reach 3100°C!

Its operating time is around 8 hours with a 100 L burner and it can be used to braze copper pipes with a diameter of up to 42 mm when fitted with a 315 L tip.

With its 5-metre ISO 3821-compliant hose, users have the freedom of movement to carry out all types of jobs.

It is easy to handle, with its large-wheeled trolley Cat. No. 2950, compact and easy to transport, with its folding handle and light weight of only 29 kg when carrying cylinders.

Its 2 dedicated compact regulatorsoxygen Cat. No. 2930 and acetylene Cat. No. 2931 – feature a rear attachment that reduces knocks during use, while the “tulip cap” on the cylinders provides effective protection for the valves.

This set naturally includes 2 flashback arrestors for regulators Cat. No. 2932 and for hoses Cat. No. 2921, which prevent reverse gas flow and flame flashback, thereby eliminating the risk of accidents.

Supplied with protection goggles and the Express ignitor Cat. No. 5460, the Koro set Cat. No. 2909 is, like all Express brand products, available exclusively at your usual distributor.

Please note that catalogue number 2909 is not supplied with oxygen and acetylene cylinders.



Poids (en kg) : 29

Température max (°C) : 3100

Autonomie (h) : 8

Disponibilité: Online

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