Whether you’re a construction professional, plumber, DIY enthusiast or beginner, the Express brand has a wide selection of blowtorches and plumbing torches, ranging from very simple to highly sophisticated tools. Several cartridge blowtorch models, using gas mixtures that make it possible to reach high heating temperatures, will enable you to carry out all your copper joining work for hot and cold water plumbing systems and make your copper pipe brazing jobs much easier. You will also find a very wide range of sticks of solder and alloys, selected according to their different melting points and mechanical strength, as well as various types of brazing flux, integrated or otherwise. While they are rarely required by home users, who will mostly work with a butane gas torch or multi-function blowtorch, with or without a piezo ignition button, there is also a range of regulators for professionals, enabling them to use propane gas with its high levels of performance. Finally, you will also find various spare parts, nozzles, seals, nipple couplings and rubber gas hoses in this product family that has made the reputation of the company Guilbert Express for more than 115 years.