Guilbert Express offers roofing professionals one of the widest ranges of roofer soldering irons available on the market. Roofer soldering irons with hoses, hoseless roofer soldering irons with integrated gas cartridge, roofer soldering irons with open flame, roofer soldering irons with enclosed flame: there is a zinc soldering iron to meet the needs of all sheet metal roofers. The Express brand also provides lead-free solder bars and a whole range of zinc, stainless steel, pre-weathered zinc, copper and aluminium fluxes, as well as Décap’Green, a complete organic flux that cares for the environment, plants and animals. For roofers who usually work with zinc roofing, there are several 2-bar propane regulators, as well as variable propane regulators up to 4 bar for occasional work with bitumen roofing. A range of rubber hoses compliant with the ISO 2821 standard are fully compatible with the fast-connection swivel attachment, which avoids tangling of the gas hose and extends its life. This offering also includes 16 different copper tips, including long-life tips that last five times longer than a conventional copper tip. There are also various spare parts, including nozzles and a roofer soldering iron grille, as well as a refillable work site gas cylinder that weighs less than 5 kg.