Guilbert Express launches their all new long life tips

Guilbert Express

15 June, 2018
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The roofing soldering irons have been a flagship product for Guilbert Express since its inception. Numerous apprentices have learned to weld zinc sheets using Express roofing soldering irons. Naturally apprentices in all 54 countries where Express products are sold often turn to the Express brand when they want to buy a new tool.
Substantial efforts have been made to raise awareness among roofers about the innovative range of Express products. Among these products are ‘Long Life’ tips, Ref. 1778 and Ref. 1779, the latest addition to the range of Express roofing soldering irons.
With 5 times the service life and a much higher performance, roofers benefit both in terms of economy and performance.
This is because these new tips have no need to be beaten or filed down! These actions, which are necessary with a traditional tip, are eliminated by the Long Life tip’s special surface treatment which makes them so effective and gives them an extraordinarily long service life.
However, in addition to lengthening the tool’s lifespan, this also saves the roofer a considerable amount of time. For maintenance, a light cleaning with an Express ammonia stone (Ref. 9641 or 9642) is sufficient. The equipment is then ready to go immediately!
In order to counter the rapid wear of traditional tips, Guilbert Express recommends that all roofers concerned about performance and effectiveness use these Turbo Long life’ tips