In addition to its “classic” cartridge blowtorches, the company Guilbert Express has developed welding tools that deliver very high power and enable the joining of materials by heating engineers, metal workers and automotive body repairers, for example. Oxyacetylene welding processes are possible with the Express brand products presented in this autogenous welding and brazing category. They include oxygen regulators, acetylene regulators and high-pressure regulators, both fixed and variable, as well as sticks of solder with sophisticated chemistry for hot and cold water plumbing, high-fluidity copper-phosphorus sticks of solder with silver contents that make it easier to join copper, brass, iron, steel and stainless steel. Several models of tips from 160 to 315 litres for malleable burners and brazing flux, as well as numerous types of thermal protection complete this range. For professionals or experienced DIY enthusiasts who prefer easier to handle products, a wide selection of butane/propane blowtorches, as well as several models of Vulcane Express torches supplied in a carrying case, with their XPRESS GAS™ cartridges and interchangeable burners, are also available at your usual Express retailers.