The open-flame soldering iron, Cat. 330-3, a professional tool for under €80

Guilbert Express

7 May, 2021
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Fer de couvreur flamme ouverte Réf. 330-3

Guilbert Express offers a sophisticated and very versatile soldering iron for a more than reasonable price of €80. Whether you are an individual or a professional, it comes in handy for small jobs. It allows you to perform quick welds and solders on various materials. Here are the main features of the Guilbert Express 330-3 open-flame roofer soldering iron.

Technical characteristics of the 330-3 soldering iron

  • Power: 2.4 kW
  • Consumption: 175 g/h
  • Weight: 983 g
  • Width: 40 mm
  • Temperature: 600°C
  • Operating pressure: 2 bar / 30 PSI
  • Nominal flow rate at 2 bar propane: 175 g/h / 0.38 lb/h
  • Power at 2 bars: 2.4 kW/h / 8240 BTU/h
  • Injector Ref. 43218
  • Compatible tips: References 332 / 333 / 335
  • Seal Ref. 104

The 330-3 soldering iron must be used exclusively with butane gas cylinders, directly connected, or propane cylinders with a pressure regulator Ref. 682 (2 bar).

The advantages of the 330-3 roofer soldering iron

La flamme ouverte une techno phare pour les fers de couvreurThe Express roofer soldering iron is of the “open flame” type. It guarantees excellent temperature stability and precision, making it extremely reliable. It allows you to work with propane or butane gas.

The torch is suitable for a variety of jobs. It is perfect for use on zinc roofs, as well as pre-weathered zinc. It also allows for stainless steel mounts and lead assemblies.

The 330-3 soldering iron allows you to work with a constant heat and with the ability to adjust the temperature very precisely.

It is very easy to handle and is compatible with the Express 332, 333 and 335 range of lances, which adds to its versatility.

Its value for money is exceptional, with a recommended price of only €80, which makes it the ideal tool for professionals, as well as for individuals who carry out the work themselves at home.

The ingenious design of the 330-3 soldering iron

The choice of gas

With this roofer soldering iron, you have the choice between propane or butane gas. For use with butane gas, the connection is direct. For use with propane gas, you must use a 2-bar Express regulator listed under part number 682. This allows you to work with an inlet pressure of between 2.5 and 16 bar, with a fixed outlet at 2 bar and a maximum flow rate of 8 kg/h.

The choice of lances

You can use any of the three roofer iron lances from the Express range dedicated to this product. These are the references 332 (20 x 2 mm purlin), 333 (24 x 3 mm purlin) and 335 (30 x 3 mm purlin).

Easy to operate

The professional roofer soldering iron has a swivel handle. This prevents your gas pipe from being rolled up. The combustion is controlled from the handwheel, with a simple adjustment that guarantees a regular flow and a constant flame. The side deflector is made of stainless steel.

The finishing touches are, of course, well done. The 330-3 professional soldering iron is a quality tool that stands out for its exceptional sophistication and very low price.