Express strippers, each with its own use on the roof or in the workshop

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16 April, 2021
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For each welding job, it is essential to prepare your parts to be assembled using zinc (or copper) solder remover. This stripper – or flux – removes the natural oxidation that occurs on the surface of metals when they come into contact with air and which adversely affects the weld. Thanks to the flux, the parts are perfectly clean and smooth and their adhesion perfect. Express offers you a wide range of products, with products adapted to each use.

The essential role of zinc solder stripper

Zinc solder stripper not only cleans your parts well, but also prepares the surfaces for adhesion. The flux must therefore be both fluid and penetrating.

Depending on its destination, the flow is more or less fatty and acidic. Some of the main ingredients of the stripper fluxes include: hydrochloric acid, muriatic acid, zinc chloride, decomposed hydrochloric acid, resins, ammonia salt, borax, etc.

How to choose a stripper

Le choix du décapant primordial pour un travail réussi The choice of the zinc solder stripper depends on the nature of the parts to be assembled, the filler metal and the heating method. The flux must be compatible with the melting temperature of the metal.

The flux must be applied evenly to both parts to be soldered. It is applied with a brush, by immersion, by spraying, etc. You can also use the Flux Applicator Pen, developed by Express. This is a pen-shaped tool that you fill with the flux you need. The applicator that you use to spread the flux allows you to adjust the flow rate and obtain an even layer.

The brazing operation should be carried out immediately after the application of the flux, as its components can evaporate quite quickly.

Precautions for use

Before using the stripper, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the parts and degrease them if necessary. The cleaner the parts, the stronger the adhesion of the parts.

The flux should be carefully selected to withstand the temperature of the soldering iron. Welder’s protection (apron, shoes, gloves, helmet and goggles) is essential to protect you from burns from molten metal, but also from splashes.

Remember to ventilate the workshop in which you are working to avoid breathing in the fumes from the welding process, as well as the stripper itself. Do not smoke in the room.

Express strippers

Here are the main strippers offered by Express.

Flux 855 complete organic flux or Decap Green:

The Decap’Green 855 flux is suitable for roofing work. It is used for zinc, new or already oxidized, copper and tinned steel with a tin layer.

The 855 flux does not contain zinc chloride, which prevents toxic fumes from being emitted.

It is packaged in a 320 ml bottle and comes with a brush.

Décapant Réf. 850

Flux Zinc Stripper 850

The Stripper 850 is recommended for oxidized, pre-weathered zinc. It is formidable for eradicating all traces of oxidation, as well as of paint.

It is used by roofers who want to restore the natural appearance of pre-weathered zinc.

Flux 105200 for brazing

The Express 105200 flux is used for all copper, phosphorus and silver brazing work. It is suitable for assemblies of copper metals, in particular for everything related to sanitary pipes or gas pipes.

It is effective in dissolving the various oxides that persist on already used pipes.

Flux Stripper 050100

Recommended for plumbers and heating engineers, the flux stripper 050100 is used for the copper metal assemblies in sanitary and gas pipes.