For heating system installation and maintenance professionals, the Express brand has developed high-powered gas torch ranges and a wide range of accessories that further improve their efficiency. This is the case of our Cercoflam burners, for example, which evenly spread the heat and enable the production of consistent joints. For steel piping, a wide range of brazing alloys and solder is available for heating engineers, which are designed to meet the various situations encountered when working with these types of systems. Whether it’s soft or hard soldering, sticks of solder with integrated flux or high silver content, copper-phosphorus, copper-zinc or copper-silver sticks of solder, the Guilbert Express design team has developed a high level of expertise in the chemistry of materials over the years, which it now puts in the service of all installers. Because high-power welding sets are an absolute necessity for these professions, the Express catalogue includes the Koro oxyacetylene set supplied on a trolley, which delivers a heating temperature of more than 3100°C and also comes with 6 tips from 63 to 315 L, malleable burners, oxygen and acetylene regulators and non-return flame-protection valves for regulators.