Many years ago, essentially with its accessories for flame torches, the company Guilbert Express offered another approach to heat stripping through its paint-stripper burners and flat nozzles, which are compatible with plumbing burners and can be used with numerous models of cartridge blowtorches sold by the Express brand. And because it is sometimes difficult to defrost using a flame tool, the engineers in the Guilbert Express design team have developed a portable hot air gun that is very simple to operate, combining the power of a butane, propane and propylene gas cartridge with the ease of use of hot air. In addition to its defrosting function, which is very handy for a frozen car door lock for example, this gas-powered hot air gun can be used to heat zinc without breaking it, unglue plastic floor tiles and adhesives, and perform many other functions that you can discover in this heat stripping and defrosting section.