The company Guilbert Express has a very special relationship with the world of roofing. The Express brand has been designing tools for roofers since the 1920s. Originally powered by petrol, our roofer soldering iron ranges have significantly advanced over the years, offering ever greater portability and lightness. We currently provide nearly 20 soldering iron products, sold alone and in comprehensive kits, with an open flame or enclosed flame, for roofing professionals. Roofers will also find numerous rubber hoses of various dimensions, propane regulators and copper tips of all shapes and various weights. Our fluxes for zinc and copper also contribute to facilitating work on roofs and in workshops. Lastly, our roofing sets can be personalised to meet the needs of professionals. They can access a wide range of spare parts, piezo ignitions and nozzles, making it easier to perform self-maintenance, which is now possible with many tools, to ensure that work continues uninterrupted on sites.