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28 June, 2021
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Exemple d'utilisation des fers à souder à Haut Rendement Thermique (HRT)

Guilbert Express has designed a soldering iron for users requiring a high thermal output, far superior to conventional irons: the HRT electric soldering iron. Its patented technology is unique in the world of soldering because the heating cartridge is located directly in the tip. Its features:

What can the HRT electric soldering iron be used for?

The HRT electric soldering iron makes it possible to have a heating power / power consumption ratio that is well above average. Its resistor, located in the tip, will directly heat the body of the tip and therefore there is no loss of heat.

Through a better transfer of energy, one can thus obtain up to the equivalent of 400 watts. In addition, the HRT torch quickly reaches its optimum heating temperature, consuming little energy.

The HRT electric soldering iron is connected to the mains. It is designed to perform all types of soldering and especially soldering on tin. It allows you to work with great precision and it can be used for meticulous work.

Its tip is treated for long-term use and its resistance is shielded. It therefore meets the needs of welders who use it intensively and who need a tool that is reliable over time, whether for professional or personal use.

Technical characteristics of the HRT electric soldering iron

The HRT soldering iron works on electricity. It is connected to the 230 V – 50 Hz mains. The power cord is 1.5 meters long and made of non-combustible material.

The HRT electric soldering iron is available in 5 models with different power ratings to suit the specific needs of each user.

Reference Equivalent heating power Power consumption Welding option Dimension in mm at the end of the tip
Ref. 109 100 W 75 W Wire Ø 7 mm – Sheet thickness 0,7 mm 2 x 16
Ref. 159 150 W 100 W Wire Ø 9 mm – Sheet thickness 1,2 mm 3 x 26
Ref. 209 200 W 125 W Wire Ø 12 mm – Sheet thickness 1,5 mm 3 x 26
Ref. 309 300 W 200 W Wire Ø 13 mm – Sheet thickness 2,2 mm 3,5 x 35
Ref. 409 400 W 250 W Wire Ø 15 mm – Sheet thickness 3 mm 2 x 40


The HRT soldering iron tip is treated for a long time and can be dismantled. Guilbert Express provides after-sales service with the sale of spare parts, with tips corresponding to each power.

However, if your power cable is damaged, you must return it to the manufacturer’s after-sales service for replacement.

Tips for using the HRT electric soldering iron

Only connect your soldering iron to the mains. When you want to change the tip, you must unplug it and give it time to cool down. Never put your soldering iron under water.

When you install the new tip, you should feel that it is fully seated all the way to the top. The screw must be secure.

Before each use

Before each welding job, you must clean all the parts to be welded. Before you start your soldering iron, make sure the tip is secure and the screws are properly tightened.

Be careful never to heat your iron without the tip, as this will shorten the life of the heating element. Allow 10 minutes for it to warm up before you start soldering.

Start by melting the tin on the tip, before wiping off the excess. The soldering wires must be in direct contact with the soldering tip.

Clean your tip during use if you think it is necessary and in any case, after each use, once you have finished your work. Use an ammonia stone for this. The Guilbert Express reference is 9042.